Mystery Train - Love Lost ( 2001 great blues featuring Jim McCarty) MP3/Flac

[b]"I'm the only guy in rock'n'roll that plays that hollow body jazz guitar and it's because in 1960 I   saw Jimmy McCarty creating those big fat full chords like I do on "Stranglehold"; I learned that  from Jimmy McCarty.   Remember the name Jimmy McCarty. He is as important as Bo Diddley and Chuck Berry and Les Paul...a god on guitar." (By Ted Nugent !!!)[/b]

[b]I Need You[/b]
[b]Your Loss Now[/b]
[b]I'm all alone[/b]
[b]Where were you baby?[/b]
[b]Allman Joy[/b]
[b]Hold it right there[/b]
[b]Love is a Rough Business[/b]
[b]Come back to me[/b]
[b]I'll never turn my back on you[/b]
[b]Cold wind[/b]

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