Orchestra Tumba Africa International -African People, Sonafric 50092, 1979 MP3/Flac

Good afternoon groovers, welcome home at the global. Many of

you are waiting for a certain upload or another. It is very hard to

find the energy to re-upload all my files. I guess the hangover of

Mediafire's action to delete all our 1197 files is kicking in a little

late. Maybe I didn't allow it at the time being. Other topics on my

prioritylist are fighting for supremacy right now and for the moment

re-ups'll have to wait a bit. I reckon you understand and give me a

break. A fresh new post like today's shall occur as often as usual.

This is the first time they appear at the GG, Tumba Africa from

Nigeria, five songs from 1978, sleevenote; "A collection of talented

musicians has arrived to blow your mind.",

..signed, Emeka Onuorah.

better judge yourself...


1 African people

2 Chop i chop

3 Sister waka waka no good

4 Take time

5 Sweetheart