City Boys Band - Odo da Baabi,Rainbow MP3/Flac

Just got notified that Ghana celebrates it's 55th independence

day today. Good idea to bring you some Ghanaian music, thanks

Kwabena. City Boys Band has been here before, mostly with sole

highlife but today's album also contains some Calacala and Afrobeat.

Real cool outfits the Boys are wearing, don't you think..? Look & listen.

Happy Independence Day Ghana !


1 Odo da baabi

2 Metena nsaman pon mu

3 Abrabo ye ntoboase

4 Kwankyen brodewa

5 Odasani yie ye

6 Gye me tataa

7 Obeba da ben ni

8 Eda a mewuo no

9 Mensuro owuo