DJ Jazzy Jeff - The Magnificent (Rap) MP3/Flac

1. The Magnificent - featuring Pauly Yamz & Baby Blak
2. Shake It Off - featuring Chef Word
3. For The Love of Da Game - featuring Pauly Yamz & Baby Blak
4. How I Do - featuring Shawn Stockman (Boyz II Men)
5. Break It Down - featuring J-Live
6. Musik Lounge - featuring Odyssey
7. Rock Wit U - featuring Erro
8. Scram - featuring Freddie Foxxx
9. My People - featuring Raheem
10. Know Ur Hood - featuring Pauly Yamz & Chef Word
11. Love Saviour - featuring Flo Brown & Raheem
12. Mystery Man - featuring The Last Emperor
13. We Are - featuring Cy Young & Raheem
14. A Charmed Life - featuring J-Live
15. We Live In Philly - featuring Jill Scott
16. In Time - featuring V

This solo joint from DJ Jazzy Jeff, which follows other "Beat Generation" albums by Jay Dee, Marley Marl, and Pete Rock, sees JJ come up with a textured album steeped in jazz, soul, and funk. Jeff has enjoyed a long and distinguished career in the rap game after his time with Will "Fresh Prince" Smith--he started his own production company A Touch of Jazz a few years ago--and his expertise comes shining through in this slickly produced affair, all cavernous bass lines, tight, hypnotic beats, and gorgeously unhurried feel, with guests ranging from the fresh to the famous. Names like Jill Scott, Boyz II Men's Shawn Stockman, J-Live, and ?uestlove from the Roots supply a rich selection of R&B croons and MC flows, and while there's not much for the headbangers here, anyone looking for something silky, soulful, and seductive will find The Magnificent a massive aphrodisiac.

One Love.