Lee Morgan - The Procrastinator (Jazz) MP3/Flac

1. The Procrastinator
2. Party Time
3. Dear Sir
4. Stop-Start
5. Rio
6. Soft Touch

The rhythm section on this miraculous set of music is simply the best on any morgan album i've heard....Carter, Hancock, and Shorter aided in this recording in the midst of their own Nefertiti sessions with (miles)Davis, if that gives any indication of the kind of mix going on here...Carter's unique voice on the bass is perhaps more audible on this album than others(his interactions with soloists, especially with Shorter, on 'Stopstart'is quite simply disturbing)
But the quality of the actual recording of Procrastinator allows the same to be said for all...Hutcherson and Hancock are like two sides of a coin while Higgins is as usual infectious...
Morgan seems lofted by this stellar cast to some of his best work...
Worthy of note is the fact that Procrastinator is the last recorded display of a certain chemistry shared between Morgan and Shorter which began with their sharing the front line in Blakey's Jazz Messengers(the first recording of this union is Art Blakey's 'Africaine')....Shorter contributes two originals(Dear Sir and Rio)which not only seem to sincerely enhance the total character of 'Procrastinator' - as if they were written specifically for the project and its parameters - but stand quite tall amongst Shorter's own compositional cannon(any fan of Shorter's extraterrestrial writing abilities should perk up at such a statement)...
yet despite the obvious caliber of individual musicians present, there seems to be something uncanny, a.k.a. VERY special, about the sustained mood and sound of Procrastinator as a total project that is not often encountered...LISTEN to this album(particularly 'Stopstart' at high volume)and lose some sonic virginity!