Lothlöryen – Raving Souls Society (2012) MP3/Flac

It can be seen on the band's official website, a video with excerpts of the tracks that make up the new album Lothlöryen,Raving Society Souls , which will be released by Shinigami Records in March.

Recorded at Studios Casanegra and Bar of Bards Studios, the band's third album - made today by Daniel Felipe (vocals), Leko Smith (guitar), Tim Alan (guitar), Marcelo Godde (bass), Marcelo Benelli (drums) and Godde Leo (keyboards and synthesizers) - contains 11 tracks of pure folk metal that revolve around "how crazy can change the course of the story of a man and even of humanity," according to the singer says.

1. First Raving Steps 02:40

2. Face Your Insanity 04:41

3. When Madness Calls 04:24

4. Hypnerotomachia 06:09

5. Temples Of Sand 05:48

6. A Tale of Lunacy 05:26

7. To Live Forever 04:17

8. 1314 01:35 (Instrumental)

9. Burning Jacques 07:04

10. Sun Of Delirious 05:43

11. My Old Tavern 04:41


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