Opambuo International Band of Ghana -Kiss Me and Smile,Rogers All Stars 1982 MP3/Flac

For this fine saturday I've got something a whole bunch of

you go crazy about. It is another lp by one of those Ghanaian

groups who recorded in Nigeria. Opambuo International Band

of Ghana brings us this typical sound. Ghanaian highlife with

a Nigerian sauce over it. Being a heretic I regret one title but I

just love the sound of it so it got through anyway. The album

is on Rogers All Stars and from 1982, guaranteed topnotch

production, it's rare, it sounds beautiful, better take it quick.

I am sorry I didn't re-up anything during the past few days,

just too damned busy to find the time, today I

did some 20 highlife albums though,

stay tuned and hang on...


1 Kiss me and smile

2 Me kuta me korah

3 I pray to god

4 Maye maye anye yie

5 Mo mfa nye me