The Tru-Tones Combo of St. Lucia - Cream of the Crop MP3/Flac

This was a fantastic find at this Sunday's boot sale - a great set of funky, instrumental cover versions of classic songs we all know and (probably) love. Yes, yes I hear you say, we've heard it all before, and that would be true, but not quite like this.

Wikipedia has this to say about 'em:

"The Tru Tones are a Saint Lucian band led by Ronald "Boo" Hinkson. The band formed in the 1960s and had a significant following in the 70s in the United Kingdom. They recorded five albums and several singles, most famously "Hungry Belly', "Burning Eyes" and "Sexy Thing" (remake of the Hot Chocolate song).

Since the Tru Tones break-up, Hinkson has had a successful solo career and toured across the world."

I imagine the Tru-Tones set the dancefloors on fire in St. Lucia's hotel nightclubs and cabaret venues.


01 Light My Fire
02 This Guy's in love With You
03 Aquarius
04 California Dreaming
05 It Must Be Him
06 Pan Man
07 House of the Rising Sun
08 By the Time I Get to Phoenix
09 Don't Let the Sun Catch You Cryin'
10 Sock it to Me
11 My Way

Get it HERE.