Pentagram – Last Rites (2011) MP3/Flac

Pentagram are the long-running American heavy metal band but you should know who they are by now, most famous as one of the pioneers of doom metal even though they were never really a doom band. The band was quite prolific in the underground scene of the 1970s, producing many demos and rehearsal tapes, but did not release a full-length album until reforming in the early 1980s with an almost completely new lineup. Throughout the band's history the only constant member has been vocalist Bobby Liebling. The revolving lineup of Pentagram has featured many well-respected musicians in the local doom metal scene, with members spending time in other acts such as Raven, The Obsessed, Place of Skulls, Internal Void, and Spirit Caravan. The story behind Pentagram and Bobby Liebling is the stuff of legends, a hell of a lot has been written, some of it is true while a lot of other articles have been nothing but pure lies or based on rumor. The 'Last Days Here' movie which hopefully will soon be released on DVD gives a good insight to Bobby and why the band never made it big. Once you see the movie, you will understand why more clearly. I don't want to dwell on the negatives with regard to the bands past, so lets celebrate the present and the future and their new album. -Read the full review at Doommantia.

A new album from these old legends, check it out & deceide for yourself! Released through Metal Blade.

Исполнитель: Pentagram

Альбом: Last Rites

Страна: United States

Жанр: Heavy Metal / Doom Metal

Год: 2011

Формат: MP3 CBR 320 kbps [Cd-Rip]

Размер: 103 Mb

Количество треков: 12

Время звучания: 45:23



01. Treat Me Right 2:32

02. Call the Man 3:49

03. Into the Ground 4:21

04. 8 5:01

05. Everything's Turning to Night 3:18

06. Windmills and Chimes 4:32

07. American Dream 4:32

08. Walk in the Blue Light 4:59

09. Horseman 3:38

10. Death in 1st Person 4:01

11. Nothing Left 3:36

12. All Your Sins (Reprise) 0:57

Line Up:

Bobby Liebling - Vocals (1971-) (Bedemon, Death Row, Shades of Darkness)

Victor Griffin - Guitar (1979, 1983-1988, 1993-1996, 2010-) (Death Row, Joe Hasselvander, Place of Skulls)

Greg Turley - Bass (1995-1996, 2010-) (CounterShaft, Place of Skulls)

Albert Born - Drums (2011-) (Loculus)

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