Jack’s Hammer-Private Party (1993) MP3/Flac

Исполнитель:Jack's Hammer

Альбом: Private Party

Жанр: Heavy Metal

Год: 1993

Формат: mp3 СBR 320

Размер: 114 mb

Страна: :Germany

There is no information about the release date, so I rely on some web searches. The main thing is, that this HAMMER will strikes some neat holes into ones head, which he does really well. The opener invites for a spineless headbanging. An extraordinary breed of catchy songs, SAXON / THUNDERHEAD / ACCEPT / SCORPIONS send kindest regards. The inspiration by the good 'ol Rock 'n' Roll and the eighties Hard Rock, invest their songs still a handy consistency, maybe you can call it also varied old school German Metal with a dusty but timeless rock attitude. This „Private Party“ was recorded live, another seal of quality..


1. Burn Down The Nite

2. Metal Queen

3. She Wants (All Or Nothing)

4. TV News

5. Shellshock

6. Through The Rain

7. I Was Born

8. Lord Let Me Down

9. Violent Sea

10. Y.B.T.Y.B.F.A.

11. Sin City

12. You Gimme The Shakes

13. Can't Wait To See You Again


Olaf Senkbeil - Vocals

Clem Randale - Guitar

Ralf Willenbrock - Guitar

Ingo Wittneben - Bass (Zed Yago)

Kai-Uwe Richter - Drums (Advice)

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