Sonic Station – Sonic Station (2012) MP3/Flac

Sonic Station is the project of Swedish guitarist and composer Alexander Kronbrink. An accomplished musician, Kronbrink is heavily influenced by Eighties AOR, notably Toto, Mr Mister and Journey, but also the West Coast sound of Airplay and Chicago. This debut is easily reflects both the artists and style.

Sonic Station Alexander Kronbrink Band Photo

Above, Sonic Station's Alexander Kronbrink: just a man and his guitar on a love seat.

The seeds of Sonic Station are also in his song writing collaboration on singer and keyboard player Marika Willstedt. Contributing lyrics and vocals, Marika shares vocal duties with several other Swedes: Kristoffer Fogelmark, Magnus Backlund, Tove Lo.

The music of Sonic Station is rather mild melodic rock, but also with the pleasant appeal of the hooks and melody of AOR and the breeze of West Coast. You can hear the latter in Gonna Show the Way or Hold On to Me, with the fine saxophone. (Sonic Station also offers trumpet and flugelhorn, performed by Erik Palmberg.) The more AOR sound comes on songs like Running Through and You Have to Let Me Go, perhaps the song with heaviest feel. Musicianship and production are at a premium across this work, but considering the depth of the skill here, that would be expected.

Alexander Kronbrink's Sonic Station is textbook, yet creative and entertaining, AOR melodic with a West Coast slant. It's a solid album that should please any fan of the genre. Quite recommended.

1 Intro

2 Love's Gonna Show the Way

3 I Wish I Could Lie

4 Hold On To Me

5 You Have To Let Me Go

6 Most Beautiful Fear

7 Running Through the Night

8 Never Let the Sunshine Die

9 My Last Refrain

10 Love You More

11 Reasons

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