Beggar’s Bride – From The Wardrobe Of My Soul (2012) MP3/Flac


The fifth album of BEGGAR'S BRIDE, called 'From The Wardrobe Of My Soul', stays true to the concept of the acoustic road movie.

Mastermind Holggy Begg has succeeded in producing another great record which can more than hold its own when compared to its successful predecessor 'On A Trip To L.A.'.

The brand new disk continues the chosen path of reflecting a single coherent and passionate story in a musical and lyrical song cycle. In fact, its capability to produce complex concept albums turns out to be one of the most distinguishing characteristics of BEGGAR'S BRIDE.

And, like before, the band has managed to preserve the musical spirit of the 60's and the 70's in their songs, without caring too much about current fashions and trends.

The dramatic content of the album digs deeper than in previous records however.

If one could label ''On A Trip To L.A.' an imaginative travelogue, 'From The Wardrobe Of My Soul' explores the emotional and mental condition of broken dreams and moral disorientation.

The record transport the listener into a 64 minutes uninterrupted journey into the borderline existence of a troubled soul.

The story Meet Joey, generally called 'Sugar', a worn out and disillusioned rock-singer, who through his self-pitying and egomaniac behavior, has managed to isolate himself from the world around him.

His life hits rock bottom as he gets fired by his band and divorced by his wife.

Joey falls into a spiral of cynicism and abuse.

Standing on the brink of the void he manages to pull himself back and chooses life through the affirmation of music and love.

The band Once again Holggy Begg has managed to collect a respectable number of guest musicians.

Of course, his close friend and collaborator Michael Voss (Michael Schenker Band) is present as a co-writer, singer and lead-guitar player.

The Italian poet Rosa E. Haas has also returned, writing most of the lyrics, and can now be considered a permanent member of the band.

The fourth long time collaborator is Fritz Schneider, who plays acoustic guitar. -

Furthermore: On drums, Mark Schulman (P!nk, Foreigner, Billy Idol), Don Airey (Deep Purple) on organ, piano and moog - and on Sax, Molly Duncan (ex-Average White Band).

With guests like canadian singer Sass Jordan, Gary Barden (MSG) and more.

'From The Wardrobe Of My Soul' shows an equal measure of thoughtful deliberation and heart.

Without bowing to any commercial calculation, the album can be considered a 'catharsis in the guise of rock music'. A strong statement against consumer pulp, sound-the-same music and creative barrenness, 'From The Wardrobe Of My Soul' is music that hits where it hurts, handcrafted and full of energy.


Holggy BeggRhythm Guitars, Baritone Guitar, Mellotron, Ukulele, Backing & Lead Vocals
Michael VossLead Vocals, Bass, Lead Guitars
Don AireyOrgan, Moog, Piano
Fritz SchneiderAcoustic Guitars
Mark SchulmanDrums
Molly DuncanSaxophone
Gary BardenLead Vocals (Three Words)
Nicole Diem2nd Lead Vocals (On Sundays & Backing Vocals
Sass Jordan2nd Lead Vocals (My Heart In [Your] Hands)
Sophie SolenaBacking Vocals
Rosa E. HaasLyrics
Beggar’s Bride – From The Wardrobe Of My Soul (2012)Beggar’s Bride – From The Wardrobe Of My Soul (2012)
1. Beggar's January13. Beggar's July
2. Rock'n Roll Star14. My Heart In (Your) Hands
3. Beggar's February15. Beggar's August
4. Money Talks16. Three Words
5. Beggar's March17. Beggar's September
6. Calling18. Lie To Me
7. Beggar's April19. Beggar's October
8. Racing Girl20. Oblivion
9. Beggar's May21. Beggar's November
10. Joey22. Come On, Hear Me
11. Beggar's June23. Beggar's December
12. On Sundays