Randy Pevler – Directions (2011) MP3/Flac

Pioneering hard rock guitar innovator Randy Pevler is no newcomer to the music scene and you can hear why on his 2011 CD Directions. Inspired by his freedom as an instrumental rock guitarist, Pevler, on Directions takes his sound in a number of different directions indeed, but he mostly sticks close to what he does best—the instrumental hard rock and progressive blues rock guitar genres. Track four, “Bluebeck” sounds like Jeff Beck jamming on a mid ‘70s John Lennon riff. A master of sonic diversity, Pevler takes his sound further out there into the realm of instro prog, while also occasionally adding in some spacy acoustic guitar moments. As if instinctively aware of the legacy of great guitarists before him, Pevler also manages to draw on the spirits of both Hendrix and 21st century guitar survivors Robin Trower and Peter Green. Both Hendrix and Trower fans will want to give a listen to another track highlight on Directions, “Two Hearts,” which also features some intriguing mellotron parts. Pairing his sizzling electric guitar work with the sound of dynamic drumming, Randy Pevler brings the hard rock instro sound well into the now. Pevler’s band is right there with him throughout theDirections album, which is topped off by a fine performance from Donny Sarian (drums, mellotron) with added support from a pair of bass players in Robby Pagliari and James LoMenzo. Thinking man’s metal with a progressive instrumental rock chaser, Randy Pevler’s Directions is the latest and perhaps greatest groundbreaking album from a continually evolving champion of the instrumental guitar world. www.RandyPevler.com

01. Intro

02. Bigfoot

03. Cro Magnon Funk

04. Bluebeck

05. Two Hearts

06. The Departure

07. Tribes of a Distant Nebula

08. Sandswept Lands

09. The Incident

10. Guardian of Forever

11. The Heavy Stone (Intro)

12. The Heavy Stone

13. A Small Fable