Christian Mistress – Possession (2012) MP3/Flac

If you love the sound of the Pro-Tooled, slickly produced metal albums that are being churned out by the dozen these days, you'll want to skip over Christian Mistress.

While the Olympia, Washington-based metal band won't be winning over any fans who thrive on auto-tune and quantized drums, they should appeal to anyone hungry for a slab of traditional-minded heavy metal with a modern twist.

Their latest offering, Possession, picks up where their 2010 debut album, Agony & Opium, left off -- with the powerful pipes of Christine Davis providing a Doro-meets-Coven wail over the twin-guitar attack of Ryan McClain and Oscar Sparbel.

Possession, as any sophomore album should be, sees the band fine-tuning their sound, which mixes equal parts NWOBHM and good ol' fashioned American doom metal.

I recently caught up with guitarists Ryan McClain and Oscar Sparbel to talk guitar, Possession and the importance of noodling.

01 Over & Over

02 Pentagram and Crucifix

03 Conviction

04 The Way Beyond

05 Possession

06 Black to Gold

07 There is Nowhere

08 Haunted Hunted

09 All Abandon