Stone Roses - Fools Gold 9.53 (12\'\') (1989) (@320) MP3/Flac

Last year, it was the reunion of the Pavement that was nominated (by me!) as the reunion of the year. This year it's a very tough competition. We have two groups, both coming from my beloved Manchester, both being among the leaders of the music movements they belong to.
The first one is the Stone Roses. Their reunion was announced in October and they've already booked two reunion concerts in Manchester at the end of June, followed by a world tour. They even plan to record new material together.

This was a brilliant opportunity to upload Fools Gold, a mythical single back from 1989. In a recent issue of Mojo (September 2011), Noel Gallagher describes brilliantly what Fools Gold is all about: "Everything comes together for a brief moment. The Stone Roses get into one of the greatest grooves in the history of music as a result. You get records that could have been recorded yesterday and this is one of them. It's also the sound of a band peaking: they never did anything that matched it. This is 20 years old and it still sounds like the future. (...) The amazing thing about it is: There's barely a tune in it. Try and play it on an acoustic guitar. There is no song. It's a bass line. It's alchemy. I can imagine how it would have happened. Someone would have started playing something and someone else would have said, "Do that again." It's an unbelievable piece of music. How can it have never dated, when it was so of its time?"

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