Terry Riley - In C (1968) (@320) MP3/Flac

I've done worse.... With a 2-month delay (...) here's the post dedicated to the 50 years of minimalism. It was in London's Kings Place on Nov. 24, 25 and 26 that the relevant events took place to honour artists such as John Cage, Philip Glass, Arvo Pärt, Steve Reich, La Monte Young, Howard Skempton, Terry Riley, Eric Satie, Brian Eno and Glenn Branca among others.

Today's upload offers a fundametal work of minimalism. "In C is a semi-aleatoric musical piece composed by Terry Riley in 1964 for any number of people, although he suggests "a group of about 35 is desired if possible but smaller or larger groups will work". It is a response to the abstract academic serialist techniques used by composers in the mid-twentieth century and is often cited as the first minimalist composition." (quote from wiki)

info link: here

download link: here
IMPORTANT UPDATE: A bad vinyl rip had been uploaded. I had ripped the album with the option "Enable audio enhancements" ticked (one of those initiatives that our PCs take from time to time) and the result was dreadful; it totally destroyed the album's sound. I only realised it today when I went to hear the mp3s. Whoever downloaded the album up to Feb, 8, 21.54 GMT please do download it again. I ripped again the album and replaced the old link. Sorry.