Club of Rome - Jesus Wouldn\'t Like It 7\" (1983, Domination Records) MP3/Flac

Quite difficult to find Australian goth / post-punk, though easily one of the finest from the country. The fantastic b-side "Germany" is the best Aussie example to prime material by UK bands such as The Silent Scream or Twisted Nerve that I could possibly imagine. This band also issued a self-titled cassette in 1982, and luckily you can hear some track off it on youTube through the user MrClubofRome. I recommend the track "Axe Murder" for some great Joy Division / Razor Penguins sounding material, though the other tracks are great too.

Club of Rome - Jesus Wouldn't Like It 7" (1983, Domination Records)

01. Jesus Wouldn't Like It
02. Germany