J. Rawls - The Liquid Crystal Project (Rap/Jazz) MP3/Flac

1. Liquid Intro
2. The D E Effect
3. Heart Throb
4. Infancy
5. A Tribute To Dilla
6. Remember When
7. Simple Game Plan
8. So Fly
9. Still Taking It EZ
10. A Tribute To Bobby
11. Running
12. Cao
13. A Tribute To Troy
14. Crystal Outro
15. Bonus Track

For a long time, I have had this vision of a different type of hip-hop and jazz fusion. I like to call this version Jazz-hop, because it is jazzy with all the elements of hip-hop inside of it. It's most evident in the drums! The boom-bap of hip-hop form is present; the smoothness of jazz is present. Put those two together and it's so right!

This is something for the thirty-something cats that yearn for a more mature music. We grew up on hip-hop and live for the boom-bap, but we don't really have any tolerance for the nonsense most rappers are talking about today. This is for the hip-hop connoisseur that can appreciate good hip-hop merged with a touch of jazz.