Madlib - Medicine Show No. 12 (Rap) MP3/Flac

Each volume of the medicine show has something that makes it unique and worth revisiting. Some are challenging but genius (i.e. #6); some are different after repeated listens (i.e. #4); some will appeal to very different audiences (i.e. #8 vs. #9), but all hold up on every single track and reflect Madlib's skills. This one is no different.

It is essentially a Madlib hip hop mash tape. He digs through his crates to find beats to mix with hip hop vocals from a variety of artists. And in typical Madlib fashion, he blends in skits. Some of the tracks will be recognized from other Madlib productions. And that's what makes it a great cap to the series -- the tracks have elements of the funk, psy-rock, brazil, jazz, afro-beat, and soul that are in their own volumes.

A great listen, one that grew on me. As a hip hop effort, it stands well on its own, though some may find the tracks end just as they get going. As a volume in the Medicine Show series, it's a great way to end the series