Shotgun - Shotgun III ( Funk ) MP3/Flac

01 - Skate (5:13)
02 - Don't You Wanna Make Love (5:52)
03 - Midnight Breakdown (5:52)
04 - Burnin' Passion (6:01)
05 - Special Lady (4:28)
06 - Big Legs (4:40)
07 - Stone Women (4:50)

In the 1970s, it wasn't uncommon for a funk band to be totally self-contained -- meaning that it did all of its own writing, playing, producing, and arranging. Shotgun wasn't totally self-contained; the Motor City combo worked with outside producers and brought in guest musicians. However, Shotgun did most of its own writing, which was a problem because its members weren't great composers. The band had an attractive sound, but most of its writing was merely competent. Take Shotgun III, for example; all of the songs that they wrote for their third album are adequate, but none are remarkable. The hard funk jams (which include "Skate," "Big Legs," and "Midnight Breakdown") are competent, and so is the romantic Northern soul ballad "Special Lady." However, Shotgun never excels and never achieves the greatness it was capable of. Shotgun was hoping that this 1979 LP would contain a major hit, but commercial success continued to elude the Detroit funksters, who settled for beer when they should have been pouring champagne.