The John Betsch Society - Earth Blossom (Soul/Jazz) MP3/Flac

01 'Ode to Ethiopia'
02 'Earth Blossom'
03 'Open Pastures'
04 'Song for an Untitled Lady'
05 'Ra'
06 'Darling Doria'
07 'Get up and Go'

A beautiful session of spiritual soul jazz and one of the rarer albums on the legendary Strata East label! The obscure combo is led by drummer/percussionist John Betsch and instrumentation includes guitar, piano, electric piano, and reeds all used with plenty of warm touches, and a few sharp edges all very much in the best Strata East mode of the time! The tracks have a soaring sort of sound -- similar to some of the Keno Duke material on the label, but also touched with some trippier edges too -- a great blend that really brings a lot of depth to the session, and which has made this one of our favorite Strata sides over the years.