Modern Rocketry - Homosexuality - Thank God For Men (12\'\' Maxi) Hi-NRG gay electro disco classic 1985 \"Hard-To-Find\" RARE! 80\'s MP3/Flac

(12'' Maxi mixes) 1985
01 Homosexuality (Original Extended Mix) 6.02 [remastered] 1985
02 Thank God For Men (Original Extended Mix) 5.36 [remastered] 1985
03 Homosexuality (Remix By Marty Blecman Kenkessie Moreygoldstein) 6.58
04 Thank God For Men (Remix) 7.37
The 80s saw many gay musicians choosing to adopt disco as a genre of music that reflected their lifestyles, and that of their audiences. Most gay nightclubs played exclusively disco music as opposed to other kinds of music, and in fact, the gay disco musicians could be sub-classified under Hi-NRG.

Modern Rocketry were a band during the mid 80s and were quite unknown, even during the 1980s.
In the year 1985, they released “Homosexuality” which has often been described as the gayest disco song ever, and the single even featured the b-side “Thank God for Men”.

The band remained in oblivion for a long time except for the time when Homosexuality was played at gay nightclubs.

The record "Homosexuality" soon became a gay club dance classic

"As a teenager I remember first hearing this song on an underground bootleg nightclub mix tape from a local gay disco (Ronnyz).
The mix tape was full of cutting edge dance tunes and all the kids at school wanted copies of it.
It was the only way for us school kids to hear cutting edge dance music - especially music popular in gay clubs
(famous for having the very best dance music)

"Homosexually" was a mega taboo subject for us school kids, but was good to hear some folks were living it up
"In San Francisco" and "On Fire Island" 

The track has a great 80's electro dance baseline and very cool synth rifts

SCORES 10/10!