Singles Going Single #198 - Tanger \"Landmine\" 7\" (1996, Springbox) MP3/Flac

Residing on the aggro end of the post-hardcore continuum, Colorado's Tanger undeniably put the "power" in power trio, with roiling, barreling delivery bearing all the subtlety of a steamroller.  These guys owed a huge sonic debt to the likes Hoover, Thumbnail, Helmet, and to a lesser extent Jawbox.  By and large the two numbers on this wax speak for themselves, but there's a bona fide technical finesse to them that shouldn't be overlooked either.  The back cover lists three songs: A. Landmine, B. Gary, AZ & C. Balance, but only the latter two occupy this record, with "Landmine" functioning as the single's encompassing title.  Confused the hell out of me at first.  In 2000 Tanger released a self-titled album on Owned & Operated Records. 

B. Gary, AZ
C. Balance