Roger Joseph Manning Jr. - The Land Of Pure Imagination - 2006 MP3/Flac

Sounding like the "lost" Jellyfish album, the record is produced by Manning and features the artist playing all the instruments on this tour-de-force. Solid State Warrior is a dazzler, a stylish, and intricately orchestrated slab of transcendent Pop, imbued by Manning`s keen artistic vision, sublime songwriting chops and blazing instrumental virtuosity. Opening with the hazy psychedelia of "The Land Of Pure Imagination" (a ringer for inclusion on the Charlie & The Chocolate Factory soundtrack), the record unfolds like a towering musical tree of riches, each branch displaying a newfound exploration of sonic wizardry and clever songcraft. Manning bats .1000 on the record, each track rewarding the listener with each successive listen. -Not Lame