Franco et l\'Orchestre OK Jazz -Les Merveilles du Passé,african 360.144, 1984 MP3/Flac

Hello, good day to you groovers. What do we have for you

today ? Another album by le Grand Maître Franco with 10

songs. The lp was released in 1984 but contains songs

from way earlier. Some of the tracks appeared on other

collectors, some didn't. How do you like that picture of

Franco, mostly we see him much older, nice. Another

piece in the huge Franco Luambo Makiadi puzzle.


1 Oye, oye, oye

2 Tomesani zonga coco

3 Tokeyi kobina calypso

4 Kenge okeyi elaka te

5 Nakolela mama azonga

6 Aya la' mode

7 Bana ages

8 Oh Katharina !

9 Noboyi libala bambando

10 Nako bala oyo motema alingi