Orchestre Sinza - 76,Pathé Marconi / EMI 1975 MP3/Flac

We had several of their lp's before. Pierre Moutouari,

and his brother Kosmos were part of this great band

through the seventies. This is Orchestre Sinza, the

mordant sound of their electric guitars is brought to

expression in this wonderful frontcover image. See

that vicious looking snake approaching the bass

and suggesting a tension of some kind. Well, just

play it and you'll understand. You'll feel a sense

of toxication, stupefying yet not venomous. I dare

say, this lp belongs to the best ever

posted at the Global Groove.


1 Mamy giro

2 Samba mirita

3 Basi ba keseni

4 Ba kento

5 Qui vivra verra

6 Wa ba kandi tetoka

7 Doudou No.2

8 Tchy-tchy

9 Loutina

10 Mouboyo