Orchestre Stukas - l\'Afrique Danse,african 360.131, 1979 MP3/Flac

This lp by Orchestre Stukas was waiting to get posted

for quite some time. I was just about to bring it when

'snap crackle and pops' posted it. That was almost a

year ago and I think today is the day to re-post so to

speak. I am sorry my copy has a few little pops at the

very beginning of track one. Further than that it is in

fine condition. Lita Bembo and Orchestre Stukas were

extremely popular and the 'african' releases

360.130 and 360.131 made

a huge contribution.

"The new music, of which Thu Zahina was a leading

component, was raw and energetic, with emphasis on

spiralling, interactive guitars and rattling snare drums

during the seben, and hardly a horn to be heard. Taking

elements of the animation ( shouting ) from strident forms

of shanty-town music, and also from the wordplay used

at Bakongo funerals, the new bands brought an extra vitality

to the music, adapting traditional dances like the soukous

and inventing new ones such as the 'cavacha' to accompany

the extended seben. The groups which capitalised most on

the new wave were Stukas, led by the outrageous showman

Lita Bembo, who played with a frenetic intensity,..."

( World Music, The Rough Guide )

check these Lita Bembo

superb video's.