Linval Thompson - Linvall,Abraham MP3/Flac

Strictly looking at numbers of comments I can say

African music-genres are doing best at the GG. Do

you like a little reggae as well sometimes, then y're

lucky today. For those who think; "nèè, not for me,..",

I wanna say, "give this lp a try, nothing to loose but half

an hour of your time..and this is one of my absolute

heroes, with Sly, Robbie, Sky, Skully,

Ossie ans Winston.

..and African vibe..

note; backsleeve

speaks of 12 songs,

10 Dread at the control

11 Children of the ghetto

12 Accused ansd abused

The lp really contains only 9 !



1 Love is the question

2 My girl

3 Afrika is for blackman

4 Dreader than dread

5 The cheater

6 Love for peace

7 My love

8 Girl you are a cheater

9 Natty is a righteous man