Empire Bakuba - \"Kwasa Kwasa\",Syllart Production MP3/Flac

Goodmorning Groovers,

Attention please.

Pépé Kallé is here to wake you up, listen to him and to this !

Thanks everybody for sending me all those super supportive

reactions. Many of you have suggested to help me and re-upload

my old files. However, I think that when I start again, this is really

something I'd have to work out myself. One of you brought me to an

other idea. It was D.Sullivan who sent a message over to Mediafire,

requesting them to restore all my old files. A great gesture. I got

thinking, I already tried to make them reconsider for two times,

but as you already guess, no reaction.

If you my loyal visitors would ALL send an email to Mediafire,

asking them kindly, in your own persuasive manner, to Please

restore the files of deejaymoos@gmail.com , they probably

won't react again but we never know. With your extra weight

something might happen, we are with thousands and if we

do it all together, say this weekend, it is the last hope to

get back what we've lost. If nothing comes in return I'll

slowly start rebuilding myself. The Global Groove is

going to live on, one way or another !

So, what do you think ? Good idea right ?

Let's get to it, find all their e-mail adresses and

throw in the big one, bomb that mailbox with 'kind'

requests and let's see what comes out !

Thank you all for participating

in this last try to get

back what's ours.

Don't be rude.