Tabu Ley et l\'Afrisa International -Rochereau vol.5,Disco Stock 1982 MP3/Flac

Good evening groovers, last week I stated that I would begin

uploading the GG from the very beginning and in chronological

order. You know how it works, once you've made a promise

like that, plans change immediately. So I did a bunch of my

compilations and also worked back from the present. I did

do the first 20 or so but it seems hard to get there. Post #1

was on may 6, 2008. It was Victor Olaiya in the Sixties.

Once you're there, work your way up post by post..

What do we have new ? Okay, new is not exactly the word,

this one is from 1982 and a favourite. I always loved Rochereau's

wonderful voice and sound, this here lp makes no exception.

On the Discostock label from Abidjan, Cote d'Ivoire.

Just the thing for your fridaynight,

mellow yet passionate groove..


1 Jalousie mal placé

2 On a raconté

3 Mela

4 Maika