Celestine Ukwu Philosophers National -Ilo Abu Chi, Philips 1974 MP3/Flac

Good morning, after all that hustle about streaming or not

streaming, let me tell you this. I asked Mr.Scott politely to

give an honest answer to my question. I asked him; tell me

which of the lp's posted here are in some way or another

causing a conflict with copyrights ? I want to cooperate

and remove every single lp that does. .First he refused to

answer me but kept sending comments to the GG. I told

him; "answer me or your comments will be blocked from

here. Again our nice Mr. Scott kept nagging about how

bad I am, sharing my old lp's with you, my dear fiends.

He is no longer getting through here, end of story !

Of course, as you know I am only interested in bragging

and showing off my great collection. You knew that already,

didn't you. The music it's self doesn't interest us right ?

Look what wonderful rare album I have ? I must be the

best collector in cyberspace, don't you agree ? Celestine

Ukwu's music comes in second place, okay it is nice

to listen to on your quiet sunday afternoon but

it's all just about me, me, me,

I am so good ! ( wwroaaagg..)

Shame that Stern's label, which I always promoted for

their fantastic work is now contaminated with

Iain Scott's nasty virus and

awful smell of money.

Shame, shame,