Global Sampler vol. 10..and other Re-Ups. MP3/Flac

To get rid of the fuss, I decided to slim down the GG

as much as necessary. Posts that caused minor conflicts

in the past are being of have been removed. We had a thing

over a bunch of Greensleeves recordings, reggae music.

The files I did re-up a few times and were deleted by Mediafire

before are for instance all Fruko lp's. Fela Kuti's 'Black President'

is for sale in the shops if I'm not mistaking. So anything that may

corrupt the GG or bring us in discredit is being removed. If anybody

has a complaint about a post, tell me now please, before I re-up.

The files I re-upped today are, on request the albums

with and by Joseph Kabasele or 'Grand Kalle'.

One other Celestine Ukwu and 34

Global Samplers, among which

this volume 10,



 1   Curtis
Mayfield - Eddie you should know better

 2   Don Carlos and Gold - Ride on Christine

 3   Rail Band, Mory Kante - Sinsimba

 4   Papaíto - Al romper la aurora

 5   The Reds - Joey

 6   Martinho da Vila - Calango longo

 7   Sugar Minott - The people got to know

 8   Israel Vibration - Walk the streets of glory

 9   Lee Perry the Upsetter - Favourite dish

10  Barrington
Levy - Look girl

11  Pacheco - La
yerba brava

12  Mose se
Sengo 'Fan Fan' - Cheko

13  Orquesta
Revé - Ruñidera

14  Orchestre
Rail Band de Bamako - Mali cèbalenw

15  Ikenga -
Shakara school girl

16  Mahmoud Ahmed - Sedètègnash
nègn, Samerayé