Oscar Brown Jr. – Sin & Soul...And Then Some 1996 (Columbia) MP3/Flac

Label: CBS (original)

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Oscar Brown, Jr.'s debut recording, Sin & Soul, is a true classic. A brilliant lyricist, a dramatic singer, and a highly individual genius in his own way, Brown performed a dozen memorable selections for this album. His lyrics to "Work Song," "Watermelon Man," "Afro-Blue," and particularly "Dat Dere" are famous; "But I Was Cool" and "Signifyin' Money" are humorous; "Bid 'Em In" is a chilling depiction of a slave auction; and "Rags and Old Iron" is quite touching. Essential music from an underrated great.

P.s Here Between Heaven And Hell Lp

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Oscar Brown Jr. – Humdrum Blues

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