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The spirit of the Farsalians dates back in the late 80’s when a bunch of local music freaks grabbed their instruments and started making horrible noise – it was the end of the punk era – which later turned into music and their first band called “Drapetes” came into realization in summer of ’89 with one and only gig as a support band to Lakis Papadopoulos. Soon after that most of the band members set out their journey to the wide open world, the “Drapetes” band came to an end but not the party mood which continued throughout the endless summers throughout the 90’s. During these short time spaces another band popped up, the studio based “Sirens” which left behind a big number of 4-track recordings influenced by the 60’s and the post psychedelic sounds of the Creeps, spacemen 3, Vietnam Veterans, Sun Dial to name a few..

However, because the Rock disease hardly goes away, the late 90’s saw the light of the studio project – initially to perform live but never happened as it was hard to get everyone together- under the name of “THE FARSALIANS”.In a tiny one bedroom flat called “Studio de Garsonierre” and with the aid of a Fostex R-8 reel machine and very basic recording equipment 10 tracks were laid down for record-archive purposes in this small place called San Farsalisco (a.k.a. Farsala).

The repertoire is pop-garage-psych covers of Greek 60’s songs (by the Olympians, The Sounds, etc) which, most of them, in turn used to be the greek versions of Italian-british-american 60’s standards namely Heartbreaker, un bimbo sul leone, La ragazza de Amico mio, Jeshael, Lonesome traveler, Venus, Don’t let the sun catch you cryin’, No sugar tonight etc.

The Farsalians

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The Farsalians - Ο Γερο Μαθιος (Unreleased)

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