The Wild Giraffes - Right Now (1981, Neck) MP3/Flac

Funny how such a great record from such a crucial era can go virtually unheralded for all these years.  Even in powerpop/KBD corners Mentor, OH's Wild Giraffes have flown under the radar all this time, as has this record.  Granted, Right Now saw the light of day on the local indie imprint Neck Records (possibly the band's in-house label), but nonetheless, far scarcer records have enjoyed more visible reputations, albeit posthumously I should add.  Hovering somewhere between a more advanced Flamin' Groovies and Cheap Trick, Wild Giraffe's rootsy undercurrents rubbed elbows with faint, post-punk chord wrangling a la Roger Miller of Mission of Burma.  If the Figgs had started their career, say a decade early, they would probably have approximated a solid cross section of this album's content, which by the way hosts no less than three classic covers: "Good Times" (Easybeats), "Burning Love" (popularized by Elvis), and "Move It On Over" (Del Shannon).  isksp blog is hosting a Wild Giraffes single from 1978, "Ensemble and Majorettes," which is just as stimulating as Right Now, and worth significantly more money from what I understand.

01. Right Now
02. Good Times
03. In and Out
04. The Real Things
05. I Got You
06. Burning Love
07. I Can't Make It
08. She Do Rock
09. Weather Girl
10. I Don't Know About You
11. We'll Never Know
12. Move it on Over