Marshal Fields - s/t ep (1986) MP3/Flac

I wish I had some pertinent details to offer on Marshal Fields, a long retired Bay Area five-piece but fortunately the music can stand on it's own.  Omitting one "L" from "Marshall," for fairly obvious reasons, this combo delivers a flawless record of rich, resonant power pop that occasionally skews slightly right of the dial.  Ringleaders Eric von Radics and John McClellan, whether consciously or not, seemed to subscribe to the same modus operandi and stringent quality control of Tommy Keene and Todd Rundgren among other top shelf singer/songwriters, without being derivative of them.  Immediately winsome hooks and deftly crafted arrangements make every moment count.  Bloody good stuff.  Incidentally, Matt Wallace has an early engineering credit on this disk.

01. Come a Little Closer
02. Shouldn't We
03. Just Another Day
04. Changing It Again
05. Malaria Moon
06. Hurry Home
07. If It's You