Parade - Love and War (1987, Dangerous Rhythm) MP3/Flac

It was nearly three years ago that I shared a scarce slice of wax by Concord, CA's Parade, titled Circle of Deception.  Still got that one in your ipod?  Yeah, I thought so.  It wasn't until I was browsing at Jerry's Records in Pittsburgh that I discovered there was a second Parade album, which I'm featuring today.   Turns out they were up to their same old tricks on Love and War, copping a pint or two from the 'Mats/Magnolias/Junk Monkeys wet bar.  Ringing guitars and punchy, high strung exuberance all around, with a number of comparatively refined ballads on side two.  If any of you can offer some details on Pariah, Parade's precursor band.  The singer/bassist is Ray Lujan, and I have to wonder if he's the same Ray Lujan who writes for Maximum Rock 'N Roll.  I suppose I'll keep wondering 'til someone confirms that suspicion. 

01. Flowers For Pretty
02. True to Life
03. Heaven Help Us
04. One Step Closer to Home
05. Torn in Two
06. The Forgotten Man
07. Love and War
08. When Hope Walks By
09. Time Won't Stop for Us
10. Prisoners of Our Dreams
11. How Can You Win?
12. Dignity