Bender - tape (1993) MP3/Flac

Thought this would be a fitting follow-up to Pollen.  Bender were from Toronto.  They had some singles and a full length, Funny Kar, out on Ringing Ear Records, but this preceded those releases from what I can recount.  Chunky, no frills riff-pop along the lines of their more famous neighbors to the east, the Doughboys, but Bender had some jammy inclinations too.  Two thirds of these catchy cuts would be rerecorded for their one and only album (to my knowledge), the previously mentioned Funny Kar.  These guys were almost indispensable to me back in the day, but in retrospect they strike me as merely satisfactory.  Not that I'm complaining.  Enjoy (or not). 

01. Certain Circles
02. Spend Some Time
03. Go-Kart
04. Don't Say No
05. Slumber Party
06. Stooched