Cursive – I Am Gemini (2012) MP3/Flac

Omaha, Neb.’s Cursive is release the follow-up to 2009’s Mama, I’m Swollen. The album is called I Am Gemini and will be released Feb. 21 on Saddle Creek. It was produced by Mastodon and Minus the Bear producer Matt Bayles. The sound that Maginn is talking about is a riffier, weirder take on the band that he’d place somewhere between the group’s early LP Storms of Early Summer and the heavy, breakout Burst and Bloom EP.

Like a lot of the band’s previous work, the album is highly conceptual, centering around two twin brothers, Cassius and Pollock, who are separated at birth. Maginn told Paste that the album was written and sequenced instrumentally first, and guitarist/vocalist Tim Kasher laid down the whole overarching story once that was finished.

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“He did sit down and then one song at a time he worked the record in order to tell this story,” Maginn said. “Sequencing the record in advance is fairly terrifying, to be honest. We’ve labored over sequences so much in the past,” but added later that he was happy with how the sequence turned out.