Mundo Earwood: Mundo Earwood MP3/Flac

Raymond. Mundo was born on October 13, 1952 in Del Rio, Texas. His given name is slang and is short for the Mexican name Raymundo (Raymond). Immigrants working on the southwest Texas Earwood ranch called him Mundo and the nickname stuck. His mother name is Hazel and his father’s name is Darrell. His father worked all over North and South America in the insulation business, so Spanish was a necessity for him.
Earwood had his first band the Tumbling Tumbleweeds in the ninth grade. He attended San Jacinto College and majored in business administration. He wrote a song recorded in an album by Willie Nelson and Mel Tillis called Texas Om a Saturday Night.
He first appeared on Billboard country charts in 1972 with the single, Behind Blue Eyes on the Royal American label. In 1978, he scored his biggest hit, Things I’d Do for You, which peaked at No. 18. That song was released on the GMC label.
 Earwood was associated with a number of labels over the years, including GRT (1974), Epic (1975 & 1976), True Records (1977), GMC (1978), Excelsior (1981), Pimero (1982) and Pegasus (1989). Mundo had a band called West of the Pecos in the early 80’s. They traveled in a 1958 Gold Eagle tour bus. He and his wife Jeannie reside in the Humble, TX area. Earwood works at an engineering firm in Tomball, Tex. (Thanks Chipper for sharing this. Very much appreciated)