Vangelis - The Tegos Tapes MP3/Flac

Microneurosurgery with video tapes - Spinal Space-Occupying Lesions, by dr. Stergios Tegos
(Medical Publications, Konstandaras, Athens 1998)

This publication by dr. Tegos is divided into three sections, the first giving a general review of the commonest pathology of the spinal cord, the second detailed descriptions of 35 representative patients, and the third contains video recordings of the operations of these patients. The tapes contain no less than 12 hours of video, and as dr. Stegos puts it; "To provide a more pleasant, relaxing and less monotonous experience even for established neurosurgeons, Vangelis Papathanasiou has composed music for each of the operations separately." Be sure to check out the enclosed pages for a description of Vangelis' technique of "immediateness" for composing this massive amount of tunage. Our providing friend, who wants to remain anonymous, spent the christmas chopping up the 12 hours of tape for us to enjoy. Thank you for the effort! Here's a vid of case 24 to "enjoy", and check out the comments for links to the entire lot.

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