The Lillingtons - The Backchannel Broadcast (2001) MP3/Flac

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01 Final Transmission
02 Mindcontrol
03 The Kids
04 El Pamino
05 Dynomite
06 Mr. So And So
07 One Armed Man
08 Danger Lights
09 Blue Steel
10 Wait It Out
11 Santa Fe-O
12 Thunderball
13 The Russians Are Coming
14 Wrecking Ball
15 Badman With The Devil's Hand
16 Six Ways To Die

The Lillingtons came from the unlikely cowtown of Newcastle, Wyoming. There's no Second Avenue in Newcastle, and no chicken vindaloo either. Escaping the town of Newcastle by way of music has made the Lillingtons "the greatest band I've heard since the Queers" as said by Ben Weasel, and "The Backchannel Broadcast" makes that evident to everyone...


Preview: The Lillingtons - El Pamino: