Oingo Boingo - Anthology (1999) MP3/Flac

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01 Intro - Tender Lumplings (Live)
02 Ain't This The Life
03 Nasty Habits
04 On The Outside
05 Only A Lad
06 Little Girls
07 Grey Matter
08 Wild Sex (In The Working Class)
09 Private Life
10 No Spill Blood
11 Nothing Bad Ever Happens
12 Sweat
13 Who Do You Want To Be
14 Gratitude
15 It Only Makes Me Laugh
16 Everbody Needs
17 Dead Man's Party
18 Weird Science

01 Just Another Day
02 Stay
03 Not My Slave
04 Where Do All My Friends Go
05 Mama
06 Cinderella Undercover
07 Flesh 'n Blood
08 When The Lights Go Out
09 Out Of Control
10 Insanity (Medium Version)
11 Mary
12 We Close Our Eyes (Live)
13 Whole Day Off (Live)
14 Piggies (Live)
15 Insects (Live)
16 Goodbye, Goodbye

This is Oingo Boingo's third compilation album. This two-disc career retrospective is the first Oingo Boingo release to contain material from the band's work with I.R.S. Records, A&M Records, MCA Records, and Giant Records...


Preview: Oingo Boingo - Private Life: