Panics - Please Panic 1980-1981 (1981) MP3/Flac

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01 I Wanna Kill My Mom
02 Best Band
03 Tie Me Up, Baby!
04 C'mon Everybody
05 I Don't Care
06 All Day & All The Night
07 I'd Rather Be Lazy Than Rich
08 Something Else
09 I Wanna Kill My Mom
10 Tie Me Up, Baby
11 Substitute
12 Pay
13 Best Band
14 Louie Louie
15 No Feelings
16 Abdul In-A Babylon
17 Do You Wanna Dance
18 C'mon Everybody
19 Drugs Are For Thugs
20 Come To The Dogman's House

A great collection of rare and never-before-heard tracks from Indiana's first high school punk band The Panics. Includes three tracks from their highly-collectible 1980 maxi-single, their cut from the 1980 Red Snerts compilation, one unreleased studio track, and fifteen live songs from August 1980...


Preview: Panics - Tie Me Up, Baby!: