New Race - The First And The Last (1982) MP3/Flac

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01 Crying Sun
02 Haunted Road
03 Gotta Keep Movin'
04 Breaks My Heart
05 Sad Tv
06 Loose
07 November 22, 1963
08 Love Kills
09 Alone In The Endzone
10 Looking At You
11 Columbia

The First And The Last is a collection of recordings from the various shows the band played along the East Coast of Australia in 1981. The "once-only" supergroup band New Race contained members of the band Radio Birdman, Deniz Tek, Rob Younger, and Warwick Gilbert, along with guitarist from The Stooges, Ron Asheton, and MC5 drummer Dennis Thompson. The First And The Last has often been hailed as one of the greatest live punk rock albums of all time, though there is dispute as to the true genre of the album...


Preview: New Race - Alone In The Endzone: