The Carpettes - Early Years \'77-\'78 (2003) MP3/Flac

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01 It's All Put On
02 Radio Wunderbar
03 How About Me & You
04 Help I'm Trapped
05 Cream Of The Youth
06 Small Wonder
07 Tv Lady
08 Twenty One
09 Just What Do You Want
10 Creep
11 Reach The Bottom

The Carpettes formed in the spring of 1977 in Newcastle upon Tyne, released two amazing and highly collectable punk singles How About Me And You? And Small Wonder for Small Wonder Records, before moving to London and signing to Beggars Banquet. Highly charged frantic and furious affairs, demonstrating The Carpettes to be one of the fastest and finest bands from the early punk era....


Preview: The Carpettes - Small Wonder: