The Warm Jets - Wanna Start A War (1979) MP3/Flac

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01 I Wanna Start A War
02 Ode To Jody Foster (Never Felt Like This Before)
03 I Love It
04 Scooter Pie
05 Baseball Player
06 Gogo With Me
07 Here Come The Warm Jets
08 Here Come The Warm Jets (Live)
09 Baseball Player (Live)
10 You're A Creep (Live)
11 Wild Sex (Live)
12 I Wanna Live In A Toy Store (Live)
13 Beach Tag Baby (Live)
14 I'm Dancing (Live)

Philadelphia's punk rock finest band! Started in 1977, the band was really popular at the 'The Hot Club', one of the main punk venues in USA. They had a punk ethos, but laced with a potent pop mentality and a big sense of pure theatricality that reminded one of suck disparate outfits as Sparks, The Weirdos, Lance Loud's Mumps and The Dickies, not to mention The Monkees! Unfortunately the band recorded only one acetate and few studio tracks that you can find in this anthology that contains the best production of their unlucky career!


Preview: The Warm Jets - Here Come The Warm Jets: