Romeo Void - Warm, In Your Coat (1992) MP3/Flac

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01 White Sweater
02 I Mean It
03 Charred Remains
04 Talk Dirty To Me
05 Myself To Myself
06 In The Dark
07 A Girl In Trouble (Is A Temporary Thing)
08 Out On My Own (Dance Mix)
09 Just Too Easy
10 Wrap It Up
11 Flashflood
12 Undercover Kept
13 Chinatown
14 Never Say Never

Punk bands, of course, were not meant to last, and even if Romeo Void, with their dance beats and warm sax sound, as well as a distinctive lead singer with a gift for soundbite lyrics, seemed to have more commercial potential than most, their five-year, three-album existence was long enough to make some noise, make some compromises, and make it out alive...


Preview: Romeo Void - Just Too Easy: