Matthew Shipp - Solos. The Jazz Sessions (2010) {MVD Visual} [DVD-5] MP3/Flac

Matthew Shipp - Solos. The Jazz Sessions (2010) {MVD Visual} [DVD-5]
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Jazz / Free Jazz / PianoMatthew Shipp - Solos. The Jazz Sessions (2010) {MVD Visual} [DVD-5]

With his unique and recognizable style, pianist Matthew Shipp worked and recorded vigorously during the 1990s, creating music in which free jazz and modern classical intertwine. He first became known in the early '90s as the pianist in the David S. Ware Quartet, and soon began leading his own dates - most often including Ware bandmate, leading bassist William Parker - and recording a number of duets with a variety of musicians, from the legendary Roscoe Mitchell to violinist Mat Maneri, who began appearing on recordings in the 1990s.

Through his range of live and recorded performances, and unswerving individual development, Shipp came to be regarded as a prolific and respected voice in creative music by the decade's close. This musical release from pianist Matthew Shipp captures a live performance by the musician, who rose to fame in the realms of free jazz and modern classical with the David S. Ware Quartet, as well as his own band.

Shipp moved to N.Y.C. in 1984 and soon met bassist William Parker, among others. Both were playing with tenor saxophonist Ware by 1989, and debuted as a recording artist in a duo with alto player Rob Brown. Shipp married singer Delia Scaife around 1990. He then went on to lead his own trio with Parker and drummers Whit Dickey and Susie Ibarra. Shipp has led dates for a number of labels, including FMP, No More, Eremite, Thirsty Ear, Silkheart, and more. The following year saw the release of Nu Bop, an exploration into traditional jazz.

Matthew Shipp (piano)

01. Knots
02. Greensleeves
03. Symbol Systems
04. Before The World
05. From By The Law
06. New Orbit