Howard Jones - 20th Anniversary Concert Live At The Shepherd's Bush Empire (2004) (2xDVD9) MP3/Flac

Howard Jones - 20th Anniversary Concert Live At The Shepherd's Bush Empire (2004) (2xDVD9)
Video: PAL 720x576 (16:9) Letterbox | Audio: DD 5.1, DD 2.0 | 6.32 GB + 6.73 GB (RAR 5% Rec.) | Time: 267 mins | Covers
Genre: New Wave, Synth-Pop, Pop/Rock | Label: Howard Jones Music Ltd./in-akustik HmbH & Co. KG/Dtox Records | Catalog Number: INAK6060Howard Jones - 20th Anniversary Concert Live At The Shepherd's Bush Empire (2004) (2xDVD9)

With a string of new wave-tinged hits, Howard Jones was one of the defining artists of the sound of pop music in the 1980s. After two decades of performing, Jones celebrated his illustrious career with this concert, which spanned nearly three hours and featured four distinct sets. Among the songs included in Howard Jones: 20th Anniversary Concert Live at the Shepherd's Bush are "No One Is to Blame," "Don't Always Look at the Rain," "Like to Get to Know You Well," and many others. ~ Matthew Tobey, Rovi

A deluge of electro-pop artists bustled through the charts in the 1980s, offering a delicious mixture of heavily synthesized sounds and heavenly vocal melodies. Howard Jones scored a few hits over this period, and is one of the few artists who emerged from the high-haired decade with his credibility intact, and a faithful audience who stuck with him through the hard times. This concert was shot at the Shepherd's Bush Empire in London, and was held to celebrate Jones' 20 years in the business. The set is split into four parts: an acoustic set, highlighting the tender songwriting skills of the solo star; a retro set that features Jones performing some pure-pop gems on his 1983 concert rig; a purely electronic set, that eschews traditional instruments for a harder-edge feel; and, finally, a glorious work out with a full band, that also sees '80s icons Midge Ure (from Ultravox) and Nena (of "99 Red Balloons" fame) joining Jones and crew to perform their own material. A wonderful time capsule artefact of a magical night, Howard Jones' 20th year in the music industry saw him going from strength to strength.



1. We Make The Weather
2. Dreamin' On
3. Pearl In The Shell
4. Someone You Need
5. Life In One Day
6. No One Is To Blame


1. Natural
2. Equality
3. Hide And Seek
4. Don't Always Look At The Rain
5. New Song
6. Bounce Right Back

Special Features

Howard Jones Interview (51 minutes)
Freddie's Photos (Over 250 still images)



1. Conditioning
2. Just Look At You Now
3. Like To Get To Know You Well
4. Hunt The Self
5. All I Want
6. I Don't Hate You
7. Revolution Of The Heart
8. You Know I Love You Don't You

Full Band

1. Tomorrow Is Now
2. Wedding Song
3. 99 Luftballons
4. Dancing With Tears In My Eyes
5. Vienna
6. Prisoner
7. Everlasting Love
8. What Is Love
9. Things Can Only Get Better

Special Features

Life In One Day Interviews (37 minutes)
Let The People Have Their Say Interviews (14 minutes)

Robin Boult, Nick Beggs, Robbie Bronnimann, Phill Jones, Roy Jones, Greg Leppard, Andy Ross, Shazz Sparks

With Special Guests:
Jed Hoile, Nena, Midge Ure